Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College


You know what I like, and feel is so important? That he doesn’t say “Men thinks those are THEIR positions”. He says “We think those are OUR positions.”

As a male feminist, he still doesn’t exclude himself from the group of men.

In other words, if you are a white male, you aren’t allowed to have ambition.

You shouldn’t have hopes or dreams or goals.

You shouldn’t make any effort, because your work won’t count.

You’re never good enough-no matter what- by virtue of  birth.

You never deserve to be a doctor or chemist or teacher or physicist or manager.

No. Bullshit. I want to be equal. I want a fair shot at success. I want to know that if I’m the best person for the job, it IS my job. I want my work and effort to count. I want to be valued for what I do, not devalued for how I was born.

It is not “equality” to deny someone a job or promotion based solely on race and/or gender. Period.

Lmao today in “People who Missed the Point Spectacularly and Even Partially Helped Prove the Point”

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Goddamn.  Smart woman for thinking of the “ordering a pizza” thing, and smart dispatcher for picking up on it.

I know this is a reblog and I have a separate blog for reblog nonsense but this isn’t nonsense. THIS IS EXTREMELY USEFUL and I wish so hard that I worlds had this knowledge two years ago.
I know that several of my followers have been and/or currently are in abusive relationships and I need to reblog this for them.



Goddamn.  Smart woman for thinking of the “ordering a pizza” thing, and smart dispatcher for picking up on it.

I know this is a reblog and I have a separate blog for reblog nonsense but this isn’t nonsense. THIS IS EXTREMELY USEFUL and I wish so hard that I worlds had this knowledge two years ago.

I know that several of my followers have been and/or currently are in abusive relationships and I need to reblog this for them.

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Can we please take a moment to talk about this man? He is not what you would look and say “He is a superhero.” He also doesn’t have any type of superpower, he don’t fly, or have super strength, or has the mutant gene. But he had a choice to do between what was right or wrong, and even though he knew if he didn’t do as Rumlow was asking Rumlow would kill him and just do it, he preferred not to do and die. Because he wanted to do what was the right thing to do.

Okay here’s the super important thing about this guy. He has some incredibly distinct Jewish features. Obviously this doesn’t mean that the actor or the character is Jewish, but it means that when I first saw him, as a Jewish person myself, he reminded me of many boys I went to synagogue with, and my JCC’s summer camp, and so on. [EDIT: The actor is Jewish. It’s confirmed on IMDB. Also his name is Aaron Himelstein.]

I don’t think casting this man was an accident. Because HYDRA are NAZIS. No matter how far they come from that time, they’re still Nazis. And here we have this one man, possibly Jewish, who takes the only stand he can against Rumlow. He choses to die to protect the world against HYDRA, and I truly believe his decision is what turned the tide for the rest of the SHIELD agents to oppose the STRIKE team. It’s so powerful to have this be a person, a person whose family was most likely directly attacked by HYDRA, a person who is fully comprehending the price he’ll pay and what it means, be a hero. I love him so much. I have a lot of feelings about this man.

I noticed this in the theater and found it meaningful at the time. It makes me feel so good to know that it wasn’t just me.


I also loved that he’s visibly scared. Like he’s not some badass going “no, fuck you, asshole” in response. He stammers and has to struggle to get the words out. But he makes his stand anyway.

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The book:


The movie:


The Fan fictions

The fans



my life seems to depend on this post 

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Knitting help?


To any knitters out there. I am knitting my very first garment. It’s a dress for my niece. It’s all done except for the neckline and I have no idea what I’m meant to do. I would really appreciate any help or advice you could offer.

I understand that I should be picking up a certain number of stitches and then knitting some ribbing but as far as I can tell this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’s the Blossom Top/Dress on ravelry:

Here are the instructions:

With RS facing you , using 3.5 mm/US #4 needles, and starting at the back of the right sleeve pick up and knit 68 (72, 80, 84) sts, place marker and join for knitting in the round.
Work in 2x2 rib (k2, p2) for 7 rnds.
Bind off loosely.

And here’s what it looks like right now:



Basically, do any knitters out there know what I’m supposed to do? Do I knit from the top or from the awkward seem thing?

Also, can anyone tell me which side is supposed to be the front? I really can’t tell.

In short: please help me if you can.

knitting friends?

Anonymous said: Who are some Wiccan/pagan authors I should avoid?


I don’t really recommend avoiding any authors, but I do strongly suggest that all books be read critically. Never take anything your reading says at face value unless there are reputable resources listed for the given facts or you are able to cross check those facts with multiple other books (which isn’t fool proof either). Be aware that books targeted to the pagan audience are often one-sided paganism of typically nature-centric soft polytheism heavily influenced by Wicca and filled with inaccurate information alongside the author’s opinions presented as fact. Go read everything, compare all you’ve read, and create your own opinions.

Be wary of:

Silver Ravenwolf
DJ Conway
Edain McCoy
Ann Moura
Scott Cunningham

I know some people still use $ilver’s Book of Shadows for the spells and Scott Cunningham’s Solitary Wicca books were my lifeline when I first set out on my path, so I really mean what I said above. Just be aware going in. Okay?

Edain McCoy’s work on ceremonial magics aren’t too bad, considering how fucking horrible he is when it comes to deistic stuff. 

Scott Cunningham was oathbound in the Gardnerian tradition, and managed to publish dozens of books without breaking his oaths. Think of his works as Wicca Lite. 

Conway just straight up made things up, Ravenwolf is the fluffiest and least connected to reality shit you’ll ever find and Moura is just poorly researched baloney.

Go for Galenorn, Starhawk, Valiente, Grimassi, Cabot, Holland and Coyle. Starting out, try Eileen Holland and Yasmine Galenorn, they’re both easy openers. Go more in depth with Doreen Valiente and Starhawk. For Faery Wicca, T. Thorne Coyle is amazing. Laurie Cabot will get you started on Traditional Wicca, and is a good lead in to the Farrar’s.

And then go wild with mythology. Start with Bullfinch’s and then go bug your local librarian. The Poetic Edda is more fun than the Prose, and read the Vedas! Hit Joseph Campbell hard, read all of that goodness. If you wanna go eastern, Anodea Judith is great on chakras and yoga, mediation, that sort of thing. Then go hit Pema Chodran and never look back… 

If you want good magical bones, try Donald Kraig’s work, Gonzalez-Wippler, Waite, and a good symbol dictionary (the Penguin one is good, but pair it with Cassel’s dictionary of witchcraft for a more full picture.)

Cross reference ~everything~. Take notes as you go, and keep track of where you found what tidbit of information. People tend to remember the information and not the source, so you can read a shitty book and wind up remembering bad information but not where you got it from. Those notes are the backbone of your ‘grimoire’ or book of shadows. Try to get three sources on any topic, from different authors, and find the commonalities. 

Read. Read it all, take notes on everything, and keep an open mind about stuff. Go wide afield, because paganism doesn’t have just one book, or one set of books to look to for the ‘way’. Think multi-disciplinary. Anthropology, sociology, psychology, spiritual stuff… it’s all useful. Read it all. 

(It’s taken me decades to build my library, and I’ve gone through some bad, horrible books to get to the good stuff. But the main thing is, to read voraciously and often. Ask questions, take nothing as solid gold Truth, and demand solid research and resources.)

Hand of Fatima with Ohm and Heart Motif.

Yep. Despite massive exhaustion and anemia, I managed to finish this one today, and start the sketch for a new picture. Behold, a simplified Hand of Fatima over a lively and colorful watercolor background. 

I love the colors, I love the interplay between the shapes of the background and negative space around and in it. The simple lines of the Hand, the Ohm, the hearts in the motif… 

And of course, I’m just tired enough to be unable to come up with a good price for it. I’ll have it up in the shop tomorrow, nicely contrasting with the more realistic and detail oriented bits. I am an artist of many faces and styles, yo.